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The Mayfair Cultural Centre or The Mayfair Hindu Cultural Centre as it is known today serves the Hindu community of Johannesburg and its surrounds. Though the majority of the members are of the Gujerati community, The Mayfair Hindu Cultural Centre was on of the pioneers in opening its doors to the Hindu community at large, irrespective of colour,creed, linquistice,regional or any other other diifererence. This evident in the attendance of people at religious and cultural events and festivals held at the centre.

Our New Venture...

Namaste and best wishes from all the members of the Mayfair Cultural Centre.
For many years now ,the Mayfair Cultural Centre has been one of the most innovative and progressive Hindu Organisations in South Africa. We have recently decided to embark on an ambitious program, in an attempt to make our presence felt as a Hindu community in South Africa. With three quarter of a million Hindus, we remain a relatively unknown and unrecognised part of the broader South African community.This,despite having prominent leaders in almost every sphere of life in South Africa.
At the Mayfair Cultural Centre,we would like to change these perceptions, through the use of the latest technologies ,such as the Internet and cellular phone , to communicate and mobilise our community more effectively.We have already set up a website, and would also like to set up various programs aimed at uniting the Hindu Community and spreading the glorious (and often misunderstood ) Hindu Culture and Religion.

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